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B4RN Hyperfast 1 Gigabit Broadband is coming to Strickland Roger.

NEWS: 11Jan19. With sufficient interest shown for installation of a 1 Gigabit Broadband Network in Strickland Roger, B4RN are to design and cost a Hyperfast system for the Parish. The Network design will provision for connections in the open country side of Strickland Roger and, additionally, parts of Hall Park Estate in Burneside, the Cowan Head Estate and potentially properties en-route to Staveley.


NEWS:  30Nov18: Over 70% of properties in Strickland Roger have registered an interested in taking the B4RN 1000Mbps broadband service. In the spring of 2019 a parish meeting will be arranged to give everyone an opportunity to hear about how the B4RN model works and understand what is involved. A core team of volunteers has emerged.

Broadband for Strickland Roger (B4SR) is a community led project to bring hyperfast broadband toStrickland Roger. B4SR proposal for the Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) network expansion into the open countryside of Strickland Roger has been accepted by B4RN.

When a community on the edge of its coverage area wishes to be connected to B4RN, they raise investment funds to support the expansion. With the help of local volunteers and landowners viable routes are established and wayleaves agreed. The network lays small 16mm ducts in the new area either by trench or mole-ploughing. Fibre optic cable is then feed down the ducts in a process called ‘blowing’. The hyperfast 1Gigabit service is delivered by B4RN.

B4RN has reached neighbouring parishes; the B4RN network is presently being installed in Skelsmergh and Longsleddale.  Currentlyover 700 B4RN 1 Gigabit Hyperfast Broadband connections are to be  installed in the neighbouring parishes of Longsleddale, Fawcett Forest, Whitwell & Selside, Skelsmergh & Scalthwaiterigg, Lambrigg, Whinfell, Docker and Grayrigg.

The connection charge is £150. The service costs £30 per month (inc VAT) for unlimited uploads and downloads. The B4RN Services Charges page is here.

The capital cost of the Strickland Roger B4RN 1 Gigabit Hyperfast Network will be raised from investors and by utilisation of the Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

You can register your interest for B4RN in Strickland Roger here. After registering, please confirm your B4SR registration (name, property name) locally to fibre1000@gmail.com.

In the spring19 a Parish meeting will be arranged to give everyone an opportunity to hear about how the B4RN model works and understand what is involved.

For B4SR update emails, please email fibre1000@gmail.com with “B4SR Updates Please” in the subject header.


Visit Burneside Parish Council’s B4RN tab at www.burneside-pc.org.uk

Visit the B4RN website at www.b4rn.org.uk

Test your broadband speed at www.speedtest.net

I hope you feel inspired by the idea to bring the world’s fastest Rural Broadband network to Strickland Roger. If so, and to keep momentum, please register your interest in the B4SR Scheme on the B4RN website right now here.

If you wish to contribute somehow to B4SR project, you can volunteer as a Core or Casual Volunteer: email fibre1000@gmail.com. You will not be dumped some massive job by return! Volunteers are a vital element of the push to achieve a successful B4RN project.

Kind regards to you all.

Roger Leather    Kat Hodgkin           Simon Milligan    Heather Milligan         Dan Murphy        Rob Woodward

Ghyll Foot            Hagg Foot House   Braban House     Braban House            Godmund Hall   Hagg Foot Farm

Paul Darbyshire Josh Woodward

Gilpin Bank         Hagg Foot Farm


Your B4SR Core Team…all from a lane near you…



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