Surveys of Public Rights of Way in Burneside Parish - Strickland Ketel and Strickland Roger
Burneside is an extensive parish with varied landscapes, the River Kent and Sprint, the limestone areas of Helsfell Nab and Cunswick Scar, the more remote wilder areas on Potter Fell and the farm fields which stretch from the village upwards to the fells. Part of Burneside parish is within the Lake District National Park.
We are fortunate to have an extensive network of public rights of way which enable access to all these parts (in addition to the open access area on Potter Fell). The total  length of all footpaths and bridleways in the parish is around 45km or 28miles.
The Right of Way surveys available here were carried out over a period of time at the request of the Parish Council. The previous time surveys were carried out in 1991 and these were completed by Brian Stilling and Jannice Wilkinson and their meticulous records (compiled into a book) were invaluable in carrying out this update and revision. Also welcome was the assistance of others who walked the paths checking the accuracy of new surveys.
Cumbria County Council and the Lake District National Park Authority designate each right of way with a unique number for the purposes of identification and location; those in Strickland Ketel start with 5740.. and in Strickland Roger 5750.. and this system is used for these surveys. Using this system there are 61 numbered paths within the parish; Strickland Ketel 29 Footpaths and Strickland Roger 32 paths [25 Footpaths + 7 Bridleways].
In addition to these is the Permissive/Permitted path along Hall Road and the Permitted path detour through the A591 underpass on Footpath 574021.
The Area Guide and maps provided here should help with locating the different paths and making it possible to combine them together to construct a walk. On the maps only the last four digits of the footpath number are given—all paths start with 57 then the four digits shown on maps.
Perhaps you may find paths you were not aware of and enjoy corners of the parish you were less familiar with.  Please also help to keep the paths as usable as possible by letting us know if you spot any errors in the route descriptions or come across any problems such as blocked paths, damaged stiles or gates and missing or inadequate signage.  This information will, where necessary, be passed on to the Countryside Access Officers at CCC or LDNPA. Contact us via the Parish Council Clerk E-mail address at the top of the page.
Enjoy walking these wonderful paths in our beautiful parish and please use them responsibly by keeping to the paths, closing gates, not leaving litter and keeping dogs on a lead where there are livestock.
Stewart  Menzies

The footpaths are arranged by their numbers; following the system used to identify them by County Council and National Park.
Strickland Ketel paths start with  574   and Strickland Roger paths with  575
This is not always useful when planning a walk, so I have tried below to give guidance as to which paths are in different areas of the parishes. (Some paths appear in more than one category and number 575022 is not allocated to any path.)
Paths between station and A591
574009      574011    574012        574013    574014    574015     574016
Paths between A591 and Crook Road
574003      574004    574017       574018    574019
Paths at Ratherheath
Paths towards Kendal
574006     574007      574008    574009     574010   574027
Paths in Sprint Mill area
575004      575005      575006
Paths from Gurnal Bridge Road
Paths near River Kent
575002      575020     575003 (Hagg Foot)       575007   575032(Footpath)     575031
Paths in Bowston and Cowan Head area
574021      574022      574023     574025      574026     575002      575032(Footpath)     Permissive diversion on 574021
Paths between Back Road to Bowston and Potter Fell Road
575007     575008      575009      575010      575011     575012     575013      575014
575015     575016      575017      575018      575028
Paths on Potter Fell (and around Garnett Bridge)
575016     575021    575023       575024       575025    575026      575027     575032(Bridleway)   575029    575030
Paths on Kendal Fell and Cunswick Scar
574001    574002    574003      574005      574028     574029
Hall Road Burneside
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